The first written record of Juniper Green in the Colinton Parish records

The first written record of Juniper Green in the Colinton Parish records (Nov 18th 1707)

Owners of this website have sought and received permission from the National Archives of Scotland, the Church of Scotland and the minister of Colinton Parish Church to digitize part of the original reference ch2/123/2 to place it on this site. Those interested can see the original record for themselves in the National Archives of Scotland.

About Juniper Green

This interesting and attractive village has grown from:

  • A few houses on the grand estates of Woodhall and Baberton Houses in the 1700s
  • To a thriving mill village famous for paper and snuff in the 1800s and
  • is now, with Baberton Mains, a successful suburb of the modern city of Edinburgh in the 2000s.

An aerial view of Juniper Green in 1978
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Read more at the wikipedia entry.

The purpose of Juniper Green 300

Juniper Green 300 will focus effort during the tercentenary year to:

  • Reinforce the sense of belonging within the community;
  • Accelerate environmental improvement and leave a sustainable legacy.

What Juniper Green 300 will do

Juniper Green 300 will achieve its purpose by:

  • Providing an umbrella for projects and activities initiated by established community bodies;
  • Sponsor relevant projects and activities directly;
  • Research, record, archive and publish the history of Juniper Green from 1707 - 2007.

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