Your Views and Feedback on Juniper Green 300

Some of the comments we have recieved...

My family on my mother's side (Dick) lived in Juniper Green / Blinkbonny / Currie from the late 19th century. My grandfather, William Dick, who was a foreman in Kinleith Mill, sat as a boy in one of the unglazed windows of the church on Gladstone's 1880 visit. the mention of Glagstone's visit on the website confirmed the story I had heard from my grandfather, because it reveals that the location was a building site at the time. I was told that my grandfather was seated in a window open to the elements.
WN, Scotland
As more information is being discovered and being added to the website, it is wonderful to think that for future generations there will be a valuable source of information for them to access.
MG, Juniper Green
i must admit im facinated with the website its fantastic. well done.
CW, England
Having traced my direct line back to James Davidson born 1766 in Curriemuirend, Then through the 1841 51 and 61 census his son Thomas who seems to have lived all these years and died in 1867 in Juniper Green. I Googled Juniper Green and see what I found. Good work.
MF, Western Australia
I am delighted to have discovered this excellent website.
WN, Fife
I would like to congratulate you on your wonderful website. A lot of thought and hard work has produced something to be rightly proud of.
DL, Canada
Loved the website!
CA, St Andrews
Many thanks for all the information/updates during the year. It has been a tremendous effort by you all. Most enjoyable.
MM, Juniper Green
I have been looking at your web site and often refer to it for back ground information. It's really smashing to see a community keeping it's history alive and what is really lovely allowing the world to share it.
SK, England
Thanks for uplifting the JG300 exhibition display boards. We have had very positive feedback from colleagues who found them very interesting and informative and beautifully produced.
AJ, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
My husband is finding the book on the history of the village very interesting as his father's sister Helen was married to Boy Bryce. They had the contractor's business in Belmont Avenue and my husband remembers going to his aunt's to attend the pageants with his cousins Marshall and Alistair.
MH, Edinburgh
Many thanks for all the communications- Mum and I have enjoyed keeping in touch with all the events in Juniper Green. Mum has her 90th birthday on November 30th and we are celebrating with a party on Dec 1st so we shall be thinking of you in Juniper Green at your final event. What a strange coincidence.
JH, England
I really enjoyed the Villages's birthday service on Sunday morning and wasn't it well-attended!
EW, Edinburgh
We got plenty of entertainment and a fair amount of exercise at the ceilidh.
HB, Yorkshire
My father, Phil Martin was brought up in Juniper Green and I used to visit his parents James and Margaret Martin when they lived in Lanark Road. I googled Juniper Green as I keep searching for old photos of them. James was a retired greenkeeper who worked at Baberton golf club and my dad was the co-op manager. Thanks for the site.
PM, Canada
Congratulations on a great website, I found the virtual tour very interesting and the bibliography will be most useful.
SQ, Western Australia
Thank you so much for your very interesting walk on Sunday. It was most informative, entertaining, well organised, impeccably presented and fun! Despite living in Juniper Green for nearly 16 years, I realise there is so much about the history, topography and people that I don't know! I learned lots of interesting facts on Sunday, and chatted with some very nice people whom I probably would not otherwise have met. The Juniper Green 300 has a lot to answer for!
HS, Juniper Green
We have just returned from visiting our link school in Kimberley South Africa. Sylvia very kindly arranged for us to take pencils for the children and tea towels for every staff member. They were received with great excitement, it actually took us two full days to visit every class to distribute them!
The staff and pupils in Isago Primary were thrilled to be celebrating JG300 along with their Scottish friends in Juniper Green. Thank you to Sylvia and the committee for your support. It was very much appreciated by all concerned.
SR/DL, Juniper Green
The website for Juniper Green is indeed impressive !
WG, Richmond, Virginia, USA

A couple of comments about the Gardens Open event:

Many, many congratulations and thanks for all your marvellous cooperation which made yesterday such a special day with such a good Community feel to it.
IT, Juniper Green
I had a thoroughly nice hour and a quarter at Juniper Green this afternoon and managed to get to six gardens, finishing up with a cup of tea and cream scone at Dr Mackays and saying hello to lots of recent and long-ago acquaintences. It's a shame it rained at the end but at least it was fair and even quite warm for most of the afternoon. With everybody strolling about from one garden to the next, the atmosphere was pure Midsomer (but without the murders!)
EW, Edinburgh
Thank you for letting my mind ramble through times past, as it has generated memories that I thought were long gone.
RM, Western Australia

The website looks really good and brings back a few memories for me.
Another excellent event. The Cubs, Scouts and Beavers of the 31st all enjoyed it enormously.
NP, Ratho
It all went very well and the 172nd kids had a great time.
NS, Edinburgh
You can not know how much pleasure the celebrations of Juniper Green have given me, for a little while I felt part of the village again. Please convey my thanks to all the people who have worked so hard to make this year (so far) such a resounding success. It was lovely to see such a strong community spirit is alive and well in Juniper.
AG, Kirkliston
My friends and I enjoyed our day at the gala. It certainly was a wonderful day for us catching up with so many old friends. It was so good to see the pipe band leading the parade. We were also delighted to get in to our old school it brought back so many memories for us. We were also very impressed with the exhibition in the old church hall it was so well done and gave us so much to talk about.
IC, Scotland
I left Juniper Green at the age of 14 when my parents moved to Worcestershire in 1979. The website is fantastic and has certainly brought back many extremely happy memories.
CH, England
Well done on the excellent web site.
VC, Scotland
I thought the Gala Day was fabulous. As an 'outsider' I was most impressed by the way the whole community celebrated through the parade and the day.
PE, Edinburgh
I think the JG300 project is great. The website is of an unusually high standard.
AB, Glasgow
I have browsed the Juniper Green 300 website and I am very impressed. My parents are from Juniper Green and I used to spend my summer holidays there with my grandparents.
ST, Scotland
Thank you all for the great job you have done to put the village on the map. My brother in Canada has been following it all on his computer and has been very impressed with all the news and photos especially about the pipe band.
IC, Livingston
My mother, Margaret Tweedale, was born on Hogmanay 1910. She became one of the Bohemian Light Opera Company's leading singers in the 40's and 50's. She grew up in Juniper Green where she lived with her grand parents above the shop at 565 Lanark Road, attended the local school and was trained for singing by the headmaster J J Malloch. Margaret Tweedale became known as the 'Juniper Green Nightingale'. She won the gold medal at the Edinburgh Music Festival of 1926.
AF, England.
I enjoy reading all the different stories and look forward to reading more.
MW, England
The website is fantastic!!
JH, Cornwall
I Love the web site. The web site has been a great source of memories for Mum and my aunts and they have been spending hours on the phone chatting about the website and it's contents.
LL Edinburgh
Congratulations on a really interesting and informative website.
ID, Aberdeen
Nice site. Well laid out and easy to navigate.
RS, Scotland
This is such a wonderful website and my sister and I who now live in the USA are second cousins of Muriel Mackie (nee Bryce). I remember all the things she spoke of and I also remember watching her father dance with Margaret Stewart in Princess Street Gardens on a Saturday evening with my parents. My parents have been deceased for over 20 years but this website has given me so much information that I thought only they could have given us. My parents were Jim & Nellie Haston of 52 Kelvin Place Juniper Green. I too have the picture of our Granny Tweedie with Tom Bryce. Sadly I was too young to have know my Granny Tweedie (heard many stories about her), but her daughter Barbara was our Granny and was a wonderful lady. I remember Muriel's brother young Jim well he was in the Merchant Navy.
I have only recently acquired internet and thank goodness I have! What a wealth of knowledge I have gained, about Juniper Green and its history. The Foulis (CB) articles especially good at bringing the past alive.
JC, Juniper Green
I logged on to the Juniper Green website and couldn't switch it off.
ES, Juniper Green
I can't tell you the excitement and memories that all this is bringing back. Juniper Green was a great place to grow up.
Well done - the website is really taking shape.
VW, Juniper Green
The web site looks very professional and easy to use. Well done.
JM, Edinburgh
Congratulations, the website looks excellent.
CP, Surrey
Congratulations. This is a wonderful resource which must have taken a tremendous amount of work by all involved.
JC, Canada
Truly interesting site, a bit for every kind of historian. Really enjoyed "walking" around the village from the comfort of my beanbag!!
CS, Glasgow
Fascinating - and very, very easy to navigate.
JS, Juniper Green
Must congratulate you on the amount of work that you have put into this. It is really excellent.
DB, Juniper Green
It is really really interesting. I liked the photos section too. The reminiscence bits are lovely. They really bring it to life. It's a really easy site to navigate.
JB, France
Have just checked out the website, which looks very good! (I was visitor no. 15!)
AS, Edinburgh
Want to return when I have more time, but it is very impressive and quite fascinating.
RM, Juniper Green
It's great!.....Clear, well laid out and user-friendly.
AB, Baberton
It's pure dead brilliant! This ought to inspire all your neighbouring villages to go and do likewise.
LH, Balerno
Have well and truly dipped into the website. Wonderful - this will keep me entertained and informed in the days ahead. Well done to the team who put it together.
JS, Balerno
This is terrific! What a great job you have done! I had a wee peek just now... I can well remember the time when...!
DB, New Zealand
Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading about Juniper Green. I think I may be the girl in the middle of the front row in the picture with the dark cardigan. I moved away in 1968 to Falkirk and in 1981 emigrated to the USA with my family to be nearer my sister. I look forward to hearing more stories.
Congratulations to whoever has done such a splendid job on the JG300 website.
AEJ, Edinburgh
Must say we are very impressed with the web site it is so professional and interesting realise how much work must have gone into it, taking my time to browse it all. Well done to all who worked so hard.
DC, Edinburgh
Both my wife and myself are enjoying the information on the website. Mention of Doc Moir - his father was well known for his contribution of beekeeping books to The Scottish Beekeeping Assoc. This collection of books is housed in the Fountainbridge Library and the Rare Collection in the National Library of Scotland.
TM, Juniper Green
I have just spent 10 minutes looking at a wee bit of the web site - it was terrific! I must make sure I return to it when I have more time.
MH, Juniper Green
Warm congratulations on the super website, and thanks to all the team who have done such a lot of research for it.
NG, Currie
It is absolutely brilliant - congratulations to everyone involved.
IS, Juniper Green
I was born and brought up in JG. I lived down the Lane by the Coop Stables. I have lived in America for 45 years. I loved the JG web-site what a great site it is, I miss JG. Good Luck with the celebrations this year.
The website is brilliant.
MB, Juniper Green
Cheers for the website link I gave the site a hit from Bangkok. Looks good.
BL, Thailand
We've had lots of groups using the website with Allan today and it is proving very successful. It is a fabulous resource for the school.
PE, Juniper Green