Woodhall House... 1707-1858
by Cliff Beevers

This drawing of Woodhall House appears courtesy of Fay Cumming and her artist friend Alison McLeay

William Foulis inherited Woodhall House as the fifth son of Sir John. William married his step mother's daughter but this wife died at a young age. William married again in 1704 to Helen Hepburn. They had four children. It is this Sir William who gave away the famous Bannatyne Collection (the interested reader is directed to the National Library of Scotland [http://www.nls.uk/] website where more information on the Bannatyne Collection can be found. Sir William died in 1737.

The house and land passed to the grandson, another William, who owned the property from 1737, when only five years old, to his death in 1796.

Sir James Foulis became the new owner of Woodhall from 1796 to his death in 1842. Then, Sir William Liston Foulis born in 1812 inherited Woodhall from 1842 to 1858.