Woodhall House... 1957-present
by Cliff Beevers

Drawing of Woodhall House from booklet on Juniper Green produced in the 1960s

In 1959 Woodhall House was bought for £8000 by the Society of Jesus. It was intended to establish a Scottish vice province to extend works in Scotland and to entrust a specific foreign missionary enterprise to Scottish Jesuits particularly in British Guiana.

The Society of Jesus sold Woodhall House in 1976 to an Edinburgh businessman William Forsyth, his wife Ann and five children. He moved in in November 1976.

Initially, the college was let out to students of Moray House and Napier College. Then, it was converted into 17 flats in 1982. A famous yew tree and the arched window of the old chapel/potting shed remain features of the conversion.

The text of the sections on Woodhall House relies heavily on the booklet entitled "The History of Woodhall House" by Fay Paterson Cumming and thanks are due to her and her sponsors for permitting it to be re-produced on this site.