Baberton Mains Housing Estate is 40 years old

Baberton Mains is a Wimpey estate of almost 1000 houses built in the early 1970s.  

This website records some of the history of those who lived on the land before then and the lives of those who live there now.  

Search it for stories, pictures, events, maps and family trees about Baberton Mains.  

It has been created by residents from Baberton, Juniper Green and Balerno in Edinburgh who have worked together to research the information and publish a booklet called Baberton Mains Past and Present: available for £5 plus p and p.   Starter funding and support have been provided by Juniper Green Community Council and the Pentlands Neighbourhood Partnership.

Please contact us if you have stories, photographs or other information to contribute to this site or if you would like to purchase a booklet.

Interactive map

Link to map of local area with clickable markers 


Image of Juniper Green Primary School History Art Quilt

Photo gallery

A link to the photogllery ( a picture of a street in Baberton mains)

Area Timeline

A small image of a timeline - linked to the timeline page